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Welcome to The Cool To Be Kind Project


In 2017, 50 hidden kindness cards were hidden, challenging people to be kind in the lead-up to Christmas. 32 heart-warming, random acts of kindness were received.

As a result of strangers responding to a simple challenge to be kind, The Cool To Be Kind Project was created.  It has grown into a global social initiative. 

Our message is simple. 


Being kind is cool. Being kind is also free.


As a tool for change, positivity and self-care, kindness is definitely under utilised. Being kind has been proven to reduce stress and releases the feel good hormones. This would make not just your day a bit easier but those on the receiving end, too!

Kindness Cards

You can do an act of kindness and give the receiver a kindness card, you can hide it for someone to find in the hope they pay it forward, or simply give it to someone who you think need to see there is still kindness in this world.

52 Weeks of Kindness Challenge

Our 52 Weeks of Kindness Challenge started in September. The acts of kindness aren't hard but may require a bit of effort. Challenges focus on kindness to others and kindness towards yourself. It's much more fun to do things with other people so get your family, friends and colleagues to join in too!