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The Daily Kind

A collection of good news, positive trends, uplifting statistics and facts of kindness.


Let's forget those dramatic news headlines and showcase the bylines (which should be headlines) which go unseen and uncelebrated. 


Amazing things are happening in the world, thanks to human ingenuity, endeavour and collaboration.


Source: Cato Institute

Sources:Port of London Authority

1335-childhood-programs (1).png

Sources: Journal of Political Economy

Female CEO Statistics
1 in 5 Australian Homes Has Solar Power

Source: Fortune

Sources:Energy Matters

Rice can be grown in salty water

Sources: South China Morning Post

Cruelty free plant based foods and products
Cycling to work is one the up

Source: Forbes, Quartz

Sources: Ubran Audit, LTA Academy

Increase in number of the world's population who can drink water safely

Sources: Our World In Data, World Water

100 countries have banned plastic bags
The number of wild tigers is rising

Source: UN Environment Programme

Sources: World Wildlife Organisation

Converting all donated blood to type 'O'

Sources: Nature Microbiology

Women can finally vote everywhere
The best things in life really are free

Source: Progress by Johan Norberg

Sources: Flowing Data | Happy DB

Australia has a mobile shower and laundry service for the homeless

Sources: The Guardian

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