MEDIA RELEASE: When it’s time to realign your goal posts

Naomi remembers clearly the medical appointment that changed her life forever, a constant reminder that we have little control over what happens in life. We do get to make decisions that will affect our lives in either a positive or negative way, however, have no idea what will happen in between those choices that could dramatically alter the direction of your life.

After many years of recurrent pelvic cysts, Naomi had little chance of conceiving children naturally and nobody seemed optimistic for IVF either well. For most women it’s only a 70% chance but for Naomi, chronic illness further minimised her chances.

For someone with a lifelong dream of being a Mum, Naomi refers to the moment both she and her husband had to accept the reality as “a million little daggers being bludgeoned into both their hearts”.

Naomi admits she spent the better part of two years feeling numb and depleted, questioning her purpose and trying to find meaning in something that for so many people is an unfair reality.

The founding of ‘The Cool To Be Kind Project’ was the moment of clarity Naomi needed, realising she had two choices; to continue down the rabbit hole of self-pity and sadness, or look at this as an opportunity to finally ask herself some important questions. As much as Naomi believed she was born to be a Mum she had little control over whether that was in the hand she had been dealt.

This stark reality doesn’t negate the fact that Naomi will never be able to conceive life and in her quest for understanding, it was responses from strangers that prompted her to realise there were plenty of ways she could make sure the ‘Mimi’ stamp was left on this world!

Naomi received a response from one of her hidden kindness cards from a gentleman who had his Christmas lunch money refunded so he could treat the homeless man he always greeted to a five star lunch, she acknowledged the gift that needed to be shared with the world. Spreading global kindness.

Naomi wants to show people that life hands us things that don’t make sense at the time and it’s ok to acknowledge it. Ultimately, it’s the choice of an individual to find meaning and to persevere.

‘The Cool To Be Kind Project’ has greater purpose. It’s giving people a platform to consciously be aware of their actions and to be aware of the feelings of others. As Naomi refers to it, “kindness is free but not given freely” and she is determined to change that.

“We all have the opportunity to make a choice”, Naomi says, “the choice to look at life a little bit differently, maybe with a softer and kinder heart”. More importantly Naomi wants to show people that we all can build our best lives; to pay for someone else’s coffee, to say hello to someone rather than just smiling and to let someone with less shopping than you, pay first.

With a smile, Naomi confidently says “she no longer sits around waiting for happiness to come to her”, and makes sure that as many people each day are on the receiving end of kindness. Who knows how many people are privy to the gentleman who treated someone with nothing to lunch or know about the shop owner who kindly helped a dear customer plant a rose in memory of his late wife.


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