Rainbow Series


Be The Rainbow When Their Skies Are Grey.

Our rainbow series is ideal to brighten someone’s day. The only question is: will you give it directly, pay it forward or hide it?

Available in packs of 7, 30 and 60.

Cards can be personalised with your own photos, text and kindness quotes.

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Maya Angelou said “try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” and thus inspired this Rainbow Series Kindness Cards.

Colour defines The Cool To Be Kind Project and rainbows always make us smile! We hope they bring a smile to others when they see them, even if for a moment.

Available in pack sizes of 7 (a week of kindness), 30 (a month of kindness) and 60 (three months of kindness).

The History of The Kindness Card

As a result of the actions of 32 kind-hearted individuals, The Cool To Be Kind Project was born. Kindness cards were hidden. Strangers found the cards. They completed acts of kindness and took the time to send an email to let us know.

Use these cards to remind you to be kind. Hide them. Gift them. Share them. Explain them. 32 people found the initial hidden kindness cards. You are playing a  huge part in sharing the kindness on a global scale. For that, we simply say thank you. Nothing better than sharing kindness and the rainbow series with others!

Full range of kindness cards available in our shop.

“The more you love, the more you will find that life can be good and people can be kind”.