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We ALL need time out every so often.

I can’t express how important it is to take a break from social media if you’re feeling deflated. Social media can be used for the good, of course - but it can also be detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing. I don’t think we realise how much time we spend pointlessly scrolling until we don’t have the option to!

From this minor 10 week detox - I became much more present, genuinely living in the moment and wholeheartedly appreciating those around me. I gained valuable free time to really take care of myself - mentally, emotionally and physically. I became even more productive. My overall mood improved, as well as reduced anxiety (which is usually severe for me). I even slept better at night. I really reconnected with the outside world and it was so refreshing. Made the world of difference.

Most people are so busy taking photos and videos of their lives or getting the “perfect boomerang”, they forget to truly enjoy what’s happening around them. Which I was completely guilty of. I’ve realised that if you’re living everything through the lens of social media instead of directly interacting with it, your experiences are going to be of a lower quality and become a lot less memorable.

I am extremely aware of how much time I was spending on my phone and I made a promise to myself to be more mindful of this in the future.

Also, to anyone having a rough time - ignoring negative emotions is like keeping poison in your system. Learn to understand everything that you feel. The aim isn’t to force positive thoughts, but to transform the negative ones into something healthier, so you can eventually feel better.

Sunshine comes to all who feel rain and I promise, it will come x

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