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The art of being kind for 52 weeks.

What do you do when you suffer devastating infertility and realise your dream of becoming a Mum has swiftly ended?

You do anything possible to not feel the pain and focus energy elsewhere. I have lived the devastating heartache but admittedly, and as cliched as it sounds, finally found my reason. Founding The Cool To Be Kind Project and sharing kindness as much as I can.

On the 1 September, The Cool To Be Kind Project is launching the 52 Weeks of Kindness Campaign. This is truly a global challenge. Whether people admit it or not, kindness is universally understood. A single act of kindness has the power to change someone’s day. To turn a life around.

This won’t be your usual random act of kindness challenge. I see kindness as a method of self-care and by challenging people to have kinder thoughts, listening, reconnecting and addressing the little things, one can truly cultivate kindness within our home, school, work, community and friendship.

I’ve asked people all over the world about kindness and the average response has been that whilst being connected to the world via social media, we’ve lost meaningful connection. Connection with others affects our health and longevity. Food, water, shelter, feelings of belonging, loving relationships, friendship circles and community engagement. People feel lonely.

By challenging people to practice kindness, focus on what they can give and share with others, I want people to see their ability to uplift their own life and the lives of others. Starting on 1 September, a challenge will be released every Sunday via social media. People are in control and can perform their act of kindness within the week.

The art of kindness can make a difference in the lives of others and be a truly life-affirming one too.

At the end of the 52 weeks, I want people to feel a sense of purpose and meaning within themselves and their lives.

To recognize common humanity as a shared experience rather than a disconnection has the power to make such a difference and let’s be honest, the world needs this at the moment.

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