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(Poem) Ode to Corona V

Let’s welcome Corona

Then tell it to f*@# off.

If you don’t know what it is

You’ve been living under a rock.

Are houses being built with toilet paper?

Are we using hand sanitiser to shower?

Subjected to Sco Mo’s face

And news updates every hour.

Hello social distancing

Stand how far away again?

Keep gatherings to 500

Then 200, 50, or is it ten?

Let’s meet for a beer to cheer us up

Sorry, that’s now banned.

So is travelling anywhere

Let alone an exotic land.

Cruise ships off the coast

If you get off you must go.

To a fabulous place for 14 days

Welcome tourists to Chateau Rotto.

You can’t go to the hairdresser

Well you can but make it quick.

A massage is a no no

Don’t want more getting sick.

Parents are now teachers

The kids all out of school

Health care workers saving lives

And giving it their all. .

Drones and ankle bracelets

Fines or go to jail.

Do the right thing now

So Coronavirus sails.

ISO is the word of the year

“I’m in ISO, how about you?”

Suddenly I’m shown

I have a massive support crew.

Corona will come and go

The world will be a different place

You will feel safe again

But please don’t touch your face.

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