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(Poem) My Hero

What makes a man a hero?

I often think this through.

Is it when he’s being macho?

Is it when he’s being true?

Throughout the years you’ve always been

A wonderful man to me.

You used to be Mr Shipman

You’ve become G-Dog now you see.

So many hard times in my life

When I was weak and at my worst.

Had the heart to fly thousands of miles

And through my hospital door you burst.

As I have grown older

At least weekly I will call

I know that I can count on you

And we won’t let each other fall.

I blow my kisses to the sky

And off to you I let them fly.

Each one a wish I wrap in love

Used to go to Devon, now a bit above.

Special memories I have of you

Where to begin is hard to say

The Sorley Centre, Shipley Bridge

All the highlights of each day.

When I choose to play in life

We’d play with all the toys.

Innumerable times in my life

Where you and Nanna gave me joy.

My heart is full of love

And my soul is all delight

You’re the one who sang me to sleep

And wished me a good night.

So is that a hero?

Is it being a simple man?

Always There when things go wrong

And does the best he can.

You lend a strong shoulder

You have eased my flow of tears

Each from so far away

You helped lessen my tears.

When I’ve needed 3am guidance

You ears you freely lend.

Advice comes in abundance

A Grandad and a best friend!

Every day I pray to God

Blessed you’re in my life

Always giving so much love

Even when I’d get in strife!

A hero needs no medals

Or glory this is true.

That’s why, dear G-Dog I proudly say

My hero is simply you.

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