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(Poem) My Heart

My heart has never felt such sadness and it won’t ever disappear,

Proof to me my feelings are real even though you were never here.

To think of you as a beautiful dream is a comfort in a way,

But losing something I never had? That pain is here to stay.

What I will always hold near and dear are the moments which seem so real,

Would you be more like Daddy or I, would you inherit my love for teal?

The moments and the jokes, the times we were meant to share.

How can they feel so bloody real when you were never even here?

I hope in time my heart will heal for life must carry on

But right at the moment I hate the world for everything it’s done.

Nothing in stature so big in my heart, I hope you really know,

How much a dream can be a hero and I’ll struggle to let go.

My world lost a light it never had and will always be a little darker,

Heaven please look after my dream and help me find my happily ever after.

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