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(Poem) If Tomorrow Didn't Come

How would you do things differently

Knowing tomorrow would never come?

If when the sun rose this morning

You knew it was your last one.

Would you pick up the phone

And call everyone you know?

For no other reason than to offer

A genuine hello.

Would you turn off social media

Venture out of the house instead?

Not scrolling through the lives of others

From the comfort of your bed.

Would you take the opportunity

To drive up and down the coast?

Take a walk amongst the sand dunes

And see the things which matter most.

Would you savour going shopping

Say hi to all you see?

Help someone who needs it

Kindness after all, is free.

Would you give yourself permission

To see your house as a home?

Not an endless list of things to do

To appreciate, not moan.

Would you look back at old photos

Laugh at what you wore?

Remembering those special times

Etched in time forever more.

Would you stop feeling guilty

For when things didn’t go right?

Accept that life isn’t as easy

We’re humans, we all fight.

The time for regret is over

Make time for here and now.

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed

Make that your new life vow.

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