(Poem) I'm A Bullied Boy

I’m going to put it out there being bullied sucks

I wish I could go back to playing in the sandpit with my big red monster truck.

I often wonder why people feel the need to pick on me

I was minding my own business and eating lunch beside the tree.

You see I’m not a nasty person and I thought I had good friends

But the other day in basketball I wasn’t picked until the end.

Usually I’d laugh it off but this time wasn’t fun

When I heard the boys say I’d go home and baby cry to Mum.

I won’t let them break me, I’m above all that you see

And one day they will wonder why they bothered picking on me.

I won’t go crying home to Mum and don’t feel the need to tell

In fact I’ll hang around and show my strength for long after the bell.

Because I am happy being who I am and know my future is bright

Even though inside it hurts when they try to pick a fight.

I am strong and I am brave; I’ll be a doctor or a vet

I’ll make everyone feel like they are the nicest person I’ve ever met.

I won’t pick fights and I won’t break hearts

I won’t laugh at others if they d