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(Poem) Act Your Age

You think as one gets older the bullying would stop

But is it just getting worse and often comes from the top?

Working in the corporate world often can be fun

But when she sees me across the room I want to turn and run.

She calls me out in meetings and pretends to forget my name

And yells at me for no reason “pick up your bloody game!”

She sends emails to everyone highlighting the mistakes I make

When, oh when will you start to give me a bit of a break.

Is it because I am caring or is it because I’m smart?

Is it because I have the ability to connect with others at the start?

Is it because I work more to get each task done?

Is it because people relate to me and you see us having fun?

Is it because I’m punctual and look people in the eye?

Is it because you’re threatened and angry I don’t cry?

I won’t give you that honour of seeing me give it all away

But must thank you for teaching me the things to never say.

Apart from this one thing of which you have to be aware

Once I’m home and with those I love, I actually don’t care.

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