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Now never ends.

It is harder to not be in the present moment than it is to be in the present moment. Obsessing about the past and future has become our natural way of living. It has become a habit, so much so that we sometimes forget the present moment even exists and that our now never ends.

The little things in life aren’t really little. They become the cornerstone of our days and they create the life we live. We mistakenly believe that only the big things make a profound difference.

Let this be your kindness challenge today: be mindful of the smaller details of your moments.

Celebrate the small victories and cherish the seemingly insignificant ones.

  • What small moments can you savour?

  • What small things can you do to help yourself or someone else?

  • What little things, now looking back, mean everything to you?

  • Think about and watch for the everyday moments you would like to remember.

  • What kind words are you using?

  • What actions are you able to look back on which make you proud?

  • What can you do today that you will be thankful for tomorrow?

Life is about the little moments. I was reminded of this today when I was looking through old photographs. The day my little brother was born. The day my sister and I were having photographs taken, laughing so hard that we both fell backward off the bench. Summer holidays. Nanna laughing at my 21st birthday (about what we will never know). Ballet recitals and being a Brownie (the scowl on my face clearly saying “Thanks Mum. Love what you’re making me do...”). Playing silly games. Getting bogged in the desert…. for the tenth time that day! Old friends. Even the photos taken before my time elicit memories.

These are all life-changing adventures that turned me into the person I am today.

  • Life happens and our now never ends.

  • Each day presents small opportunities as moments.

  • Miracles happen in moments.

  • Value each one.

  • Invest your time with the people you love.

  • Having good friendships and family is priceless.

  • The moments shared with the people we love is what we hold onto the most.

  • Give daily attention to the good things happening around you.

  • Devote yourself to experiences.

  • Cherish every breath.

Oh and remember to always take photos!

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