Fixing the hatred in the world is going to take a lot more than kindness. ⠀

Kindness is a strong foundation but nothing in life stops at the foundation. It’s just what is necessary to begin building. If you’ve got a foundation of kindness, brilliant. But what happens next?⠀

Racism is an issue all over the globe but seems to be so deeply woven into the fabric of America - they’ve never existed without it. Individuals working in roles meant to

protect society are being mistaken for positions of ruthless and deadly power. ⠀

Once again society has woken up to the real consequences of racism in America and the big hole that needs to be repaired beneath their foundation. Many of us (and yes, it’s an “us”) don’t even recognise the ways in which we fit into the systems of racism. Whether it’s through social media, presumption, real life experiences or being unequipped with the necessary courage or articulation to speak up against ugly and unnecessary sentiments. ⠀

We may be succeeding in being kind to others but are failing by not having the guts to take a firm stand for what is right.

Did you know that over 26 million people chose to upload a picture of a black square with the hashtag