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7 ways to brighten someone's day.

Each year, World Kindness Day is celebrated to promote kindness by uniting people in a positive way. Acts of kindness are promoted in a bid to spread love, Kindness UK once handed out 10,000 free chocolate bars at London Train stations in order for people to share smiles on their daily travels.

In support of World Kindness Day, the experts at Forest Healthcare have decided to share some love and provide everyone with the top 7 ways to brighten up someone’s day – kindness has a powerful and positive domino effect and it is time to spread some positivity.

1) Share a compliment

A little compliment can go a lot further than you think. Even if the compliment is as simple as ‘I love your coat’ or ‘Your hair looks great’ can change someone’s perspective of their day and give them an extra boost of confidence. If you notice something you like about a person then you should take the time to share that with them.

2) Unexpected gifts

We always give gifts on birthdays and seasonal holidays but what about making it even more special by surprising someone with an unexpected gift. It will catch them off guard and put a huge smile on their face. This can be you’re a friend, family member or even your manager.

3) Handwritten notes

Between social media, texts and emails the intimacy of letter writing is sadly something of the past. This is something that is very personal, and no other can compare so find time to sit down and write a letter to someone you care most about. The heartfelt words is similar to a thousand compliments wrapped up in one and filled with love.

4) Smile

This is the easiest thing you can do and can be applied to everyone you see on a daily basis. It can be hard to catch the attention of people, especially on a busy commute but if you make a sincere warm hearted exchange with a person passing you will be amazed and what could happen. Positivity is spread in every direction so once you pass on the smile – it will be continued on from there.

5) Volunteering

Taking time out of your schedule to volunteer is really nice gesture to partake in. You can visit your local youth group or take dogs from the shelter for a walk, anything you choose is valuable as you are helping someone else out. It doesn’t have to consume all of your time but just enough, so you are making a difference to people.

6) Crack a joke

Sometimes people just need to laugh. You can make a real difference to someone’s day if you humor them, it can be from a quick one liner to a real-life anecdote. Especially if you notice that someone isn’t being themselves then you can use that as a reason to cheer them up. You might even create new friendships at work this way, just because you’re not in the same team doesn’t mean you can’t talk!

7) Pay for the person after you

This can be a really nice gesture which will stay in people’s minds forever. Next time you’re in the shop, tell the cashier to pay for the person behind you – this will not only make the lucky stranger happy but also the cashier as they get to deliver the great news! It doesn’t have to be an expensive offer, but it will definitely be rewarding.

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