Letters from the outside

We are making a difference.

I am thankful for every comment, word of thanks, silent smile and belief of strangers.

​The world is full of kindness. You just need to know where to look…

Please pass my thanks on to Naomi and her partner for sharing a story close to my heart. More people need to take pain and sadness and make sense of a situation. That’s what I am trying to do with a situation at the moment and reading her words made me feel like I had support even though I don’t know them.

Just wanted to say well done Naomi for hanging in there and for speaking out. The issue of infertility is so common these days but also not talked about. Genius idea to pair such sorrow with something like kindness and showing people that life can be crap but that if you allow your body to heal and your mind to take time to readjust, that really you can do anything and turn your life in whatever direction you want. Mamamia – you always find the good stories and the ones that really resonate.

Brilliant initiative and so very simple. It’s amazing what I kick up thebackside can do for some people. I’ll be watching this journey with interest.

How amazing Naomi. Tough times = experience, survival and growth. Don’t ever doubt yourself or what you are trying to do.

Inspiring words Naomi on the Mamamia website. Sounds like life has been pretty rough but resilience like that isn’t found everywhere so stay strong and keep doing what you’re doing. I think kindness is the best medicine!

Loved, loved, loved The Cool To Be Kind Project idea (think that’s what it’s called!) Will be checking in all the time to see it’s progress. Let me know if I can do anything to help. Have a good evening. Thanks Mamamia for the intuition to share Naomi’s words but the life of her and Matt. Be good to hear from a guy’s perspective if you were open to that. Would be relate-able to so many men I am sure. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing. Can’t be easy words to write because as a man / couple struggling to fall pregnant I think you hit the nail on the head with the lessons you have learnt and it’s something I will forever remember to carry. Both my wife and I say thank you for bearing all. If you and Matt are ever in Alice Springs, we would love to meet you and say thanks.

Wow Naomi and Mamamia. Thanks for the collaboration. I think spreading kindness is the best way of showing others that there is life after grief. Keep up the good work.

Raw emotion turned to raw achievement. Yoou’ve got this Naomi. Thanks Mamamia for sharing such a story by such an amazing woman. You have done it again!

What hell you have been through. I had a hysterectomy but already had a child so it’s different but I can relate. The struggle is real for me every day but to read such accomplishment and you and your husband look so happy. You are now my new inspiration. My daily dose of kindness and realising that my life is pretty damn good. Thank you Naomi and to your husband too. Seems like you are the new relationship goal for the couples of Australia!

Inspiring. Honest. Poignant. Motivating. Thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for just what I needed today. Naomi, I had a very similar appointment yesterday and last night I prayed for guidance and strength to get through it. God granted me that today in the form of a poignant, honest, acknowledgement and survival. As women, it’s fine to be told by a doctor but it’s another to know there is someone out there has survived and managed to find the silver lining. You were my rainbow when my sky was so grey. Thank you. With a grateful heart x

Best piece of writing I’ve read on Mamamia for a while. Thanks for being the beacon of light for so many others. Keep it going, I have a feeling people are going to love you.

I loved, loved, loved this story. Thank you for sharing Naomi and for making good of a situation so shit. Not many people would be able to do that so you should be proud. Thanks Mamamia for sharing such a raw, heartbreaking and tear jerking (in a good way) article. Any chance of more? There is so much I want to know about this lady.

Thank you for featuring Naomi and The Cool To Be Kind Project on Mamamia. You outdid yourselves this time with the content, the pain, the heart, the amazing cause. Naomi and Matt. Whatever you two have gone through, I thank you for sharing. I cannot imagine the pain but with pain, has come something so much greater. You need to know that whatever happens, you have Australia behind you now. Let’s put kindness on the map and bring people suffering from infertility a faint light and a notion of one day it will be ok. Keep writing!