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We joined forces with Headbands of Hope (created by renowned speaker and author Jess Ekstrom) to include kindness cards with masks sent to healthcare workers. 


When not supporting the health care workers, Headbands of Hope kindly donate a headband each time someone purchases one and donates it to a sick child.

Image by Frank Vessia


In the lead-up to Christmas 2019, a group of us decided to see how many Christmas Kindness messages we could send in 24-hours.  I was blessed to have Louise Larkin from Friend IN ME, Samantha Ruckle from Paper Crane of Hope, Tess Bell from Sharing Kindness and Hannah Edwards, illustrator extraordinaire! We put a callout on social media asking for nominations and whether via phone, text message, in person or via a letter, 

4,721 messages later!




One Another Community is
home to people
who embrace kindness.

We joined a dedicated team of 60+ volunteers from all over the world who came together with a common goal: to make our mission of encouraging social kindness and enabling authentic community connections a reality.

Our mission at One Another is to reduce isolation and loneliness. We’re doing this by providing a trusted platform that allows those who need the help to access the innate kindness of their neighbours. By enabling a safe, secure community connection, we can create a ripple effect of kindness. Kindness is the way we can change our world.

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