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What My Doctor Told Me Shattered My Life

7 August 2018


I sat. Heart pounding. Palms sweaty.

I began to feel the walls slowly start to come in on me.

My breathing shallow, head spinning, and hands clasped tightly in my lap like little weights as if they held all the power to hold me down and resist the urge to leap out of my chair, wrapping my tiny fingers around his throat, preventing any more of his ugly truth from escaping his lips. I sat and stared, gazing just beyond his shoulder at the picture of his perfect family. I sunk further into my chair, the reality that I may never have my own photograph sitting on my desk at home.

If I made eye contact I knew it would be over. I knew the floodgates would open and I’d never regained composure so I stared and thought about… anything but being in that room. Wishing I had canceled the appointment. Not knowing the truth. Continuing to believe that I could have a baby. I wanted to be anywhere but here. Click here to read more


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