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Christmas Kindness

10 January 2018


At the end of November 2017 after a pretty tough year and during a 3am moment of insanity, I found myself questioning the good in the world and in people. Earlier in the day, I quite literally saw a teenager push past an older lady. She dropped her shopping. The teenager did not look back or help. I decided to conduct a little experiment whereby I randomly placed self-designed “Christmas Kindness” cards around Perth encouraging people to undertake an act of kindness and send me an email. I left the cards in random places; supermarket magazines, community notice boards, public toilets, on the swing at the park, in the menu on an aeroplane. I didn’t expect a response. I also didn’t tell anyone. Not my husband, my Mum, my Dad or best friend.

I have three words for you at this point. Yes, I’m. Crazy.

I have no words for what followed and my belief in human nature was restored as the responses started to come in. Click here to read more


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