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Handle Your Own PR

In July, I headed to Sydney for a two-day course run by Jules Brooke from Handle Your Own PR (HYOPR). I had no idea what this ‘Accelerator’ program entailed, why I needed PR and felt I was managing to share The Cool To Be Kind Project. I was so wrong! From arriving an hour early (I blame jet lag – Perth to Sydney is a long way, especially when your flight gets cancelled and you have to fly through Melbourne), to when it was time to head home I learned so much and quickly came to see that PR underpins everything and is a secret weapon.

Being in the company of Jules and her business partner Paul Lange, I quickly saw two dedicated, knowledgeable and damn good at what they do individuals not only become mentors but are now friends. Stella Gianotto from Brand for Brands, Rochelle Courtenay from Share The Dignity and Kim Wright from Office Society made up the group of PR wannabees and were a privilege to meet and work with.

Jules started the course telling us about her background and demystifying PR. She gave us simple tasks which could be used when we were to write our first media release. Note that at this point in time, I had no idea what I was doing, unable to establish the message I wanted to convey and struggled with the fact I didn’t have a “tangible” product to sell. My apprehension didn’t last long.

After the listen and learn element, we were joined by two experienced journalists, Harriet McCready and Edwina Carr Barraclough, who would spend the next day and a half with us, brainstorming, advising, teaching and editing our media releases. The thought of getting just one completed was scary. I shouldn’t have worried as by the end of the second day, I had five.

At this point, I could see the value of learning from the best but didn’t see how I could continue to build on this knowledge in the future. That’s where the benefits of being involved with HYOPR come in. Not only do you get advice from Jules, Paul and experts in the field but you get access to a platform which allows you to run all your PR campaigns from one place. This allows you to build a media contact list, use a template to properly format your media release, customise it for each contact, send directly to someone’s inbox and run a follow-up campaign.

I had no expectation when I first met Jules on the Monday morning and will never get over the fact that by Friday, I had sent out one media release and had been interviewed / published by Mamamia, Wanneroo Times, Monthly Chronicle, Good Health Australia and New Zealand, That’s Life, Live Well Canada and the Australian Women’s Weekly. I will also be doing my first live TV interview in the coming weeks but with who is a secret for now. Click here to see our media and press section.

To have instant access to an active media database including thousands of professional writers, editors and producers across all fields and networks is a source that all businesses need to have. This course is a must for anyone wanting to handle their own PR and each contact has given their permission to be included.

Where I go from here is anyone’s guess. What I know for sure is the attention towards The Cool To Be Kind Project is 100% because of Handle Your Own PR and it is a MUST for anyone wanting to be in control of what is released to the media and when.

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Brand for Brands Agency

I met Stella Gianotto, the Creative Director for Brand for Brands at a recent Handle Your Own PR’s Accelerator program. Stella had probably been in the room for five minutes but I was instantly impressed with the way she grasped the businesses of all attendees and selflessly began to offer ideas and taglines to each of us. Since our initial meeting in July, I have had video calls with Stella and her sister Joanne, giving me confidence in my idea and thinking of unique ways to market The Cool To Be Kind Project.

Brand for Brands is more than just a successful branding agency. From Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding and Logo Design, Social Media Marketing, Branding Positioning and Direct Marketing, they understand that a brand is more than a name and a logo. For someone with no background in business, I find thinking about my long term goals daunting, especially when I don’t have a product to sell per se.

What I have now is more important than having a product. I have a concept. I am gaining a following. My story is being told in the media. What happens next is not so daunting anymore because I have the support of Stella and her team. I can imagine the future. I am not as terrified as I was. Because people believe in me and in my global movement, I have to trust myself to also believe.

Brand for Brands has a simple but relate-able analogy: the “Coffee Factor” in branding.

“Today, good artisan coffee is ingrained into our every day lives. Let’s grab a quick coffee has become an institution. We smell it, we drink it and we travel far and wide for it. We can name our favourite coffee blend in a heartbeat and we’d recognise that coffee brand anywhere in the world”.

The one issue I have with that is not liking coffee but it works with a cup of tea or my favourite hot chocolate.

If you need clarification and someone to look at your business with fresh eyes, Stella and Joanne are the ladies to talk to.

Contact Brand for Brands Agency at or call 1300 339 223.

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The Hedonist Entrepreneur

Paul Lange is the owner of The Hedonist Entrepreneur and the recent business partner of Jules Brooke at Handle Your Own PR. I met Paul at a recent Accelerator course and my first impressions were that he was quiet and his stylish coat spoke more than he did! It wasn’t long before I saw that Paul was not quiet, his sense of humour is as warped as mine and he knows what he is talking about. His take on how the world works is unique; he is inspired by the highs and the lows, he admits to “crashing more companies than the average Gen Y has had jobs” and seeks to achieve a balance between personal and business life.

I know there are not many people in this world who would take the time on a Sunday night to talk to me for over an hour, allowing the conversation and the thoughts to evolve over the call. Paul is knowledgeable, he explains his thoughts (thank goodness!) He shares my vision but from a different angle. Paul wants me to succeed but in a manner that is achievable. He doesn’t dismiss my ideas he just wants me to work on the smaller goals first. Understandably!

What Paul has achieved in both his business and personal life is inspiring and motivating.

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Office Society

Kim Wright and I met earlier this year after connecting through a mutual friend who lives in Canada of all places! We immediately clicked and I am now proud to call Kim a friend. Kim is honest about her journey, is not scared to tell you her why and is determined to remove the stress from business by helping them “work in their business rather than on their business”.

Kim was the first person to interview me about The Cool To Be Kind Project and helped me remain calm and treat it as a catch up with a friend (which it was anyway). To have the belief of someone as experienced as Kim is an honour. I love her determination to help others, to believe in flexibility and freedom and who finds joy in seeing business owners hand over their administrative tasks.

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