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As a result of years of ill-health, at 32, Naomi had to have a hysterectomy. Her dream of becoming a Mum was quickly extinguished. We can all identify worst moments in our lives. My surgeon delivered the news to her in such a wonderful way "Naomi, we took your uterus." She walked off.


Devastated doesn't begin to cut it. Coping with surgically induced menopause pain and infection was enough. Naomi was angry and sad for years and did all she could to avoid going out or having to be around children.  Naomi had friends who were scared to tell her they were pregnant.


What Happened Next


Naomi realised that somehow she could still make a difference without being a Mum. When she received 32 amazing responses after hiding 50 kindness cards, Naomi found all the inspiration she needed to officially launch The Cool To Be Kind Project.  

The Cool To Be Kind Project gives people a platform to be conscious of their actions and to be aware of the feelings of others.


Naomi often struggles to see how it takes finding a card to inspire kindness but is also more than happy to be the driving force behind instilling more kindness in the world, if it's what people need.


Making A Difference

We show people that we all have the opportunity to build our best lives. To pay for someone else's coffee, smile or simply take the time to ask how they are. Through kindness cards, the 52 weeks of kindness challenge, launching programs in workplaces, blogging and collaborating, we have officially gone global with kindness cards being found all over the world. The latest international find? A hotel room in Philadelphia and a cafe in Arizona.

Naomi can confidently say she no longer sits around waiting for happiness to find her, and makes sure that as many people each day are on the receiving end of kindness. 

Kindness starts with you!​

Naomi xo

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