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The Cool To Be Kind Lowdown

We are a global social initiative founded by Naomi Lambert with the important goal of sharing kindness wherever and whenever we can.

Yep. Kindness. That human quality within us all which often gets forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life.

We are everywhere (not in a creepy way!) Our kindness cards have been found in Australia, US, Brazil, England, Spain, NZ, Thailand and South Africa. And because kindness doesn’t cost anything there are no boundaries to where we can be or who we can help.

We started in January 2018 and will be around for a long time because unlike the latest fad, kindness will always be cool.

Why? Why not? There are so many terrible things going on in the world right now so it’s as good a time as any to share the kindness and make people smile.

Our team of global kindness ninjas are always on the lookout to help people and share the love.


Through kindness cards, positive postcards, challenges, books and newly released merchandise, The Cool To Be Kind Project is here to make a difference to as many people as possible.


We created little kindness cards asking people if they would be willing to do something kind. We hid these business card sized prompts in various places - in magazines, shops, in playgrounds and even in the menu in my seat pocket on a Virgin flight from Perth to Adelaide. 

We had no expectation of response and decided to keep our little challenge a secret. Then the responses started to come in and from 50 cards, we received 32 amazing and selfless acts of kindness. 

Some of our favourites:

  • The gentleman who had his Christmas lunch money refunded so he could take a homeless man out to a nice restaurant for lunch. 

  • The kid who washed his Mum's car without her asking and I quote, "she was stoked!"

  • The local shop owner who took it upon herself to help one of her customers whose wife passed away by taking a rose to his house and helping him plant it in the garden. 

  • I decided not just to smile at people but to say hello and ask how they were. 

The responses were all I needed to officially launch The Cool To Be Kind Project as a global social enterprise. I love how being kind has given people a platform to be conscious of their actions and to be aware of the feelings of others.

Kindness Cards

I often struggle how it takes being prompted to inspire kindness but I am more than happy to be the driving force behind instilling more kindness in the world, if it's what people need.


I want people to know that we all have the opportunity to build our best lives. Life is continually responding to us because what we experience is a clear depiction of how we feel and what we feed to our minds. I don't believe in coincidences, believing instead that everything happens for a reason. This belief reminds me that I am solely responsible of my own life. Whatever happens, I will learn and I will thrive! 

There is no such thing as "failure", after all, one step back is definitely two steps forward. In a world filled with endless opportunities I try to resist the belief that our dreams are not achievable. They are, but maybe not in the way we would expect. 

I can confidently say I no longer sit around waiting for happiness to find me, and make sure that as many people each day are on the receiving end of kindness. 


So pay for someone else's coffee, smile, take the time to ask how they are. ​

Kindness starts with me................ and you!


From Naomi

​If you or anyone you know is navigating the devastating infertility journey and needs support, please get in touch with me here (this email goes directly to me and anything mentioned is done so in confidence). 


18 JULY 2018

'What my doctor told me made me wish I'd cancelled my appointment and didn't know the truth.'

file2-18 - Copy.jpeg

1 AUGUST 2019

'Kindness is my key to survival and making life beautiful again'

Image by Dominik Lange

7 MAY 2020

'What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and couldn't move? How I survived Guillain Barre Syndrome.'

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