52 Weeks of Kindness Challenge

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Week 1 of 52

Start by simply trying to think the best of people

There are plenty of rewarding ways of being kind to strangers and there is no need to go out of your comfort zone. This week, simply try to think the best of people. It’s not nice to have someone not hold the door open or having someone cut in front of you whilst driving but try to remember you have no idea what other people are going through. Start to notice when you may be able to help and take the time to do so.

Week 2 of 52

Make kindness calls. Calls for no other reason than saying hi.

We all are guilty of being consumed in our lives but there is nothing better, even in the rush, when someone calls just to say hi and see how you are. No agenda. No motive. Just good old-fashioned human interaction. This week, focus on making kindness calls. There is no limit to the number and even if you just make one, that’s fine too. No answer? Leave a voicemail instead.

52 weeks of kindness step 1

Step 1

Don’t just think you can sit there and look cute for 52 weeks. Our acts of kindness won’t be hard but they may require a bit of effort. If you think you can look cute and be kind, then welcome aboard. If you want to contribute an act of kindness, please email us

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52 weeks of kindness step 2

Step 2

It’s much more fun to do things with other people so get your friends to join. In the corporate world? Get together with your team use our 52 week kindness  challenge to create a a kinder workplace. The more the merrier!

Proceed to Step 3…

52 weeks of kindness step 3

Step 3

You’ve got this far so we say you’ve made a conscious effort to be kind. Here’s how it works. Every Sunday we will post the act of kindness for the week on our Facebook and Instagram pages. That gives you a week to complete the challenge.

Proceed to Step 4…

52 weeks of kindness step 4

Step 4

We are all for giving the high fives but they are hard to give if we don’t know who to give them too. Post a comment below the challenge on the website, tag us in social media or send us an email. We’ll do the rest!

52 Weeks To Go…

If you want to be in the draw for prizes along the way, you must let us know what you did. Send it to us via the website, email hello@thecooltobekindproject.org or tag us @thecooltobekindproject and #52weeksofkindness

If you are a business wanting to sponsor the event, please get in touch.